Ridge Splitting Procedures

Ridge Splitting Procedures

A major limitation to put dental implants successfully and easily is inadequate bone. Lack of bone for dental implants (No bone for dental implants) can be length wise or widthwise. There are situations where patients require implant in which there is sufficient bone length but there wont be sufficient width. If there is a problem with bone height, we can do bone augmentation or sinus lift for upper jaw or block graft for lower jaw. But what about the insufficient width That is where the ridge split option exist.

Ridge split technique:

It is also called as alveolar split technique which is used for horizontal augmentation of bone. (To develop bony width)Ridge widening or augmentation is achieved by splitting the crest of atrophic and edentulous bony ridges. When ridges are narrow at about less than 4mm in width, they might require horizontal augmentation to place dental implants. A lateral ridge split technique usually resolves the problem of narrow ridges allowing simultaneous placements of dental implants.

The ridge split procedures are either a one stage procedure where implant is placed simultaneously or as 2 stage procedure in which first ridge split and bone augmentation and later date implant placement done.

Dr.Sudhakar Reddy performs the ridge split procedure for dental implants to widen the narrow ridges and achieve adequate height for implant insertion.

The simultaneous placement of the implants reduces healing times.

The survival rate of these implants is more than 98% with autogenous bone or biomaterials used for grafting.

Acceptance rates of patients are extremely high with this technique.

It is a minimally invasive technique with high advantages 

The technique is low risk causing minimal inferior alveolar nerve injuries

Surgical procedure

Local anaesthesia is administered

The full thickness of the muco-periosteal and the flap is reflected

The crest is prepared with a surgical fissure bur

A 8 mm Obwegeserosteome is applied to expand and split the ridge

A paralleling device is inserted after adequate width is obtained

The prepared site is inserted with implants that have similar diameter since unequal diameters may lead to loosening of small fixture

Biomaterial is filled in between the cortical plates

The cover screw is tightened & Soft tissue closure is achieved

Can see the gallery to view insufficient bone width cases that are managed by ridge splitting procedure done by Dr.Sudhakara Reddy.

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Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY – Implantologist, Bangalore

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