Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting

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Although dental implants are considered as an effective treatment for missing teeth, Lack of adequate bone quantity is a pitfall for such procedures to do so easily.There are many ways to do this with bone grafting techniques like regenerative techniques, substitute techniques, distraction osteogenesis and guided bone regeneration. Teeth Bone grafting is done when a patient does not have suffcient healthy bone structure in the mouth to properly support a dental implant. This bone deficiency can occur for many reasons like post tooth removal defects, Gum disease, Trauma/accident, Genetic defects etc…

Socket preservation is followed as a preventive and or preservative option for the bone for future dental implant and block grafts are used in bony defects.

Socket preservation:

Whenever it is necessary to remove tooth/teeth and while removing it, socket which is holding the tooth may get destroyed during the process or it would have lost due to infection or by periodontal disease.  This socket is very essential for the health of surrounding gums, bone and for esthetics. 

Socket preservation technique helps to enhance the appearance of dental implant teeth and also will improve the chances of long-term success of dental implant treatment for many years.

It is basically to fill the empty socket immediately after the tooth removal with bone grafting material. This artificial or natural (persons own) grafting material may be covered up with an artificial membrane (Collagen membrane) containing special proteins to help stimulate your body to repair the empty socket and to prevent the gum tissue from growing into the bone. 

Dr.sudhakar reddy conducts successful socket preservation techniques whenever any need to remove tooth which immediate implant placement is not advised. This will provide strong and stable foundation for future Dental Implant to be placed.

Block grafts:

Block bone grafts are done with small pieces of the patient’s own bone taken from inside part of chin or ramus areas and are necessary in cases where extensive bone loss occurs such as alveolar ridge resportion, loss of bony segment etc.

Here, bone graft piece taken from other area of same person or artificial block/ substitute is added directly onto the surface of the recipient’s bone and fixed with a screw. The new piece of bone will slowly join to the underlying region and when it is healed an implant can be placed easily where it was not possible earlier. Onlay bone graft or Allograft bone blocks (cortical or cancellous) are among one of the most predictable procedures in this for the success. 

At Dental implant studio, Bangalore, India bone grafts are one of the many restorative procedures we provide for patients impacted by tooth loss along with bone loss. 

If you have any doubts or clarifications regards to your situation which requires grafting, you can feel free to contact or can take second opinion in Bangalore for grafting procedure by contacting on +91-9845798455 or whatsapp or write mail at or visit our website on

Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY – Implantologist, Bangalore

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