Boost your Confidence – Get permanent tooth in just 3 days!

Boost your Confidence – Get permanent tooth in just 3 days!

Dental Implants have turned into ‘life savers’ for people with missing tooth. But the traditional dental implant procedure too has a drawback-the period of time taken to complete the treatment. Usually, the treatment takes about 3 and above months which is a very long time along with multiple surgeries. One will have to wait for a longer period of time to get that great appearance and improved functioning of the teeth. But the technology has taken a great stride and dental implant procedures have become much more advanced. Now, the dental implants that can be done within 3 days have been introduced and it is a major success. You can get wonderful permanent teeth in just 3 days!

Full Mouth Dental Implants

In such a case as full mouth dental implants, a whole set of permanent teeth is fixed on the implants. The permanent teeth is fabricated within three days and the full set contains 12 teeth which will be on each arch. Later, after 3 days the fixing of permanent teeth is performed. The permanent teeth are fabricated using zirconia or by infusing porcelain to metal.

Multiple teeth or single tooth replacement

In such a replacement method, the implants are placed and then in 3 days the crowns or ceramic crowns both of which are permanently fixed onto the implants. This method has fewer risks when it comes to multiple teeth but single tooth replacement has higher risk factors. At times in case of single implants, a temporary crown will have to be placed for 2-3 months, after which the permanent one is implanted.

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Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY – Implantologist, Bangalore

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