Full Set Fixed Dentures in 3 Days

Full Set Fixed Dentures in 3 Days

The main goal of Teeth fixing/teeth reconstruction/ oral rehabilitation with dental implants are not only to replace missing teeth with fixed teeth set (prosthesis)but also they should last more life  and improve patients’ quality of life and satisfaction. Many dental implant designs and systems have evolved with the time to improve the quality of life for patient.

Quality of life depends on function of teeth (chewing and speech), comfort, aesthetics, and self-esteem. This is a big challenge for people with severe bone loss or severe gum disease, severe periodontal diseases etc. Regular implants can fulfill these at certain amount for sure but periimplantistis (infection of implants over a period) just like periodontitis (infectious gum disease) of natural teeth still exists with these implants over a period especially if patient maintenance is not perfect.  Also added procedures to develop bone in severe bone loss cases (Atrophic jaws) may be limited by the age and medical condition of the patient, cost efficiency, surgeon expertise, donor site morbidity etc.

New designed basal implants described as an alternative to these patients with high success rate and less complications. Basal implants are special design of dental implant which holds strongest basal bone, provides excellent support, stability, and retention to teeth with severe ridge resorption, something that cannot be achieved with regular endosteal implants. Best part of this is we can give teeth in 3 days to 10 days duration.

Teeth in 3 days:

Also called as permanent teeth in 3 days. Teeth in 3 days with basal implants are absolutely possible. The difference between teeth in 3 days and teeth in 10 days is only the type of teeth set fixed to basal implants. The implants procedure is same for both. Only difference is type of teeth set given.

In Teeth in 3 days, after placing implants in first day, measurements taken immediately and Acrylic teeth over metal bar (Co-Cr framework) is given by 3 rd day. These are actually used as interim fixed dentures and patients can change these teeth after minimum of 1 year gap to other good teeth set like Ceramic bridge or Ziconia bridges.

Teeth in 10 days with basal implants has similar way of first surgical procedure of implants placement but it take total of another 9 days for Porcelain fused metal (PFM) or ceramic teeth bridge  or for Zirconia bridge.

Procedure for teeth in 3 days:

First day, under local anesthesia, infected teeth / any remaining teeth are removed and full mouth basal implants were placed (10 in upper + 8 in lower jaw) and measurements are taken. We can give temporary  front teeth sothat patient can leave the dental chair with some front teeth.

Second day, jaw relation, metal trail and teeth trail are done.

Final acrylic teeth with metal frame work(Hybrid denture) is cemented on third day.

Dr.sudhakar reddy is a well known Implantologist with vast experience of doing above 200 full mouth implant cases can make treatment  seems very simple and pain free.

Advantages of teeth in 3days:

Gives instant solution

Absolutely possible in any kind of severe infectious gum diseses

Possibility in even extreme bone loss conditions

No bone graft procedure (Dental implant s without bone graft)

Absolutely possible in even in chronic smokes(Dental implants success in smokers)

Success rate is very high even in diabetic patients (Dental implants success in diabetic patients)

Only disadvantage of immediate implantation along with multiple teeth removal (extraction and immediate placement) is gap can form between gums and artificial teeth after few days to months and this will create fiood lodgment and annoying to patient ( Although infection chances is very less)This happens because gums reduce in size from swollen size to normal size after teeth removal. So, if we give artificial teeth immediately, when gums shrinks, mild gap develops. 

Such cases, we can first remove teeth, wait for 15 days. Then basal implants placed with immediate ceramic or ziconia teeth given in 10 days.  Instead, we can do teeth in 3 days with acrylic teeth, after one or 2 years later, patient can change acrylic teeth into ceramic/ zirconium teeth.

Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY – Implantologist, Bangalore

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