Immediate Implants Along With Teeth Removal

Immediate Implants Along With Teeth Removal

Immediate placements of implants after a tooth removal are essentially done to reduce treatment times and preserve anatomical structures. The procedure is predominantly indicated in teeth which are advised for extraction and can’t be saved.

Tooth extraction may be warranted in non-treatable cases such as chronic apical lesions, failure root canal treated cases, vertical root fracture cases etc.

Dr.Sudhakar Reddy conducts immediate implant in such cases after tooth removal as a routine procedure. Not only in placing the implant in extracted cases but also replacing teeth immediately in 3 days in case of teeth in esthetic zones like front teeth.  So a patient who needs tooth removal can get teeth with an implant within 3 days.

Advantages of immediate implants

Lost tooth root is back immediately in the form of implant within minutes

The procedure decreases psychological stress on the patient especially when the patient has to wait for a second surgery after undergoing a traumatic tooth removal (extraction)

An implant placed immediately relatively shortens the healing time.

An immediate implant decreases the incidence of resorption of the alveolar bone occurring after extraction.

immediate implants help the preservation of the morphology of the peri-implant of the soft tissues.


Local anaesthesia is administered.

The damaged tooth is extracted in atraumatic way

Curettage and degranulation of the socket surface is conducted to remove compromised/ infected tissue.

The area is irrigated with Betadine(Povidone-Iodine.

Implant is placed to achieve a primary stability of >= 35 Ncm.

If achieved, implant is either submerged or crown also can be given depends on pt need.

If not, then a graft and suturing done.

Dr.Sudhakara Reddy is specialized and one of the very few Implantologist who does immediate loading implants (Implants with immediate tooth) after the tooth removal in infected teeth/teeth with cyst and teeth

with periodontally infected with lot of bone loss conditions etc.

Dr. Reddy uses advanced swiss technology implants with which even bone grafting also can be avoided in few situations with immediate teeth possibility.

Watch: for dental implants placement in patients with severe bone loss and contact for any clarifications directly from the doctor.

Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY – Implantologist, Bangalore

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