Single Immediate Teeth

Single Immediate Teeth

Immediate loading basal implants

Basal implants are specially designed for immediate loadings. There are several advantages. Besides safe transmission into the basal bone and no known bone loss, immediate loading with no secondary operations is considered as one of the biggest advantages of basal implants. Implants are placed on the same day as the extraction of teeth and patients are never left without teeth. Periodontal involvements are not a hindrance to these implants because they are placed after the infected tissues and teeth are removed.
Dr. Sudhakar Reddy uses these KOS/BCS/BOI/GENXT implants – a new-age technology for single immediate teeth implant at affordable prices. The evolution of the single immediate tooth procedure is predominantly due to the patients demand for teeth to be installed in just a day even in cases where there is no enough bone to place implants. What was a dream a while back is routine today with immediate loading of teeth in just a few minutes on the same day.


There are a number of critical steps to consider before performing a single immediate tooth loading. Dr. Sudhakar Reddy is one of the most experienced dental surgeons available for the technique.

 Broken tooth is carefully removed from the socket

Dental implant is placed in the stable bone structure

Osseointegration occurs when the implant fuses into the surface of the bone

The crown is attached either directly or indirectly via an abutment

One of the most important factors of the procedure is positioning of the implant abutment can enable change in angulation of the crown and its emergence from the gum tissue.

Advantages of single immediate teeth

Life time guarantee due to the implants solid structure

 Flapless surgery ensures no bleeding or inflammation

The treatment is inexpensive and affordable

Implants are are of Swiss- German make, strong and reliable

It involves no screwing or breakage or loosening

There is no crestal bone loss

 The prosthesis is fixed almost immediately

 No bone augmentation procedures involved.

Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY – Implantologist, Bangalore

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