Direct Sinus Lift

Direct Sinus Lift

Dental implant is nothing but like an artificial root that will hold the crown (Cap). To place a dental implant of good size, One should have good amount of bone.  Upper back teeth/ molar region has sinus above the teeth. If teeth are missing or remove / infected, sinus will fall down and also bone height becomes less and (No bone to place implant) sufficient sized of dental implant cannot be placed. If we put short implant, it might not take the entire load of chewing forces and implant failures happen sometimes, implants may go into the sinus.

Sinus lift technique or sinus elevation is a widely used technique when less bone available. There are 2 ways. Direct and Indirect sinus lift techniques. Indirect sinus lift canbe used in cases where atleast 4-5 mm minimum bone is available and we can gain another 5-6 mm bone to place good implant size.

But sometimes,sinus is so low (2-4 mm) such that there is hardly any bone available below the sinus. In that case, the obvious choice would restore such an anatomic deficiency is by lifting up the floor of the sinus  under direct vision ( Direct sinus lift)  to get the bony height along with filling that space with artificial bone to place required size of implant.

Direct sinus lift technique:

It is also called as Lateral window technique/ Caldwell luc technique.

Straight forward technique to get correct amount of bone for dental implant;

Direct visualization of sinus and implant placement done

Highly predictable technique.

Successful regeneration of bone can be expected for placement of the implant

Implant can be placed simultaneously with the elevation or can also be placed after a healing period( If minimum 3-4 mm bone present to get the primary stability of implant)


Caldwell-Luc Procedure

The Caldwell-Luc procedure is the lateral window sinus augmentation.The access to the sinus cavity is obtained through a bony window created in the lateral maxillary wall after which the Schneiderian membrane is elevated. A combination of autogenous bone and the allograft is used for bone grafting. The bone graft and the bony window are divided by an absorbable collagen membrane placed in between them.The technique allows direct visualization of the bone and accurate placement and positioning of the implant.Any tear in the membrane can be treated easily with collagen membrane.

Antral Balloon Sinus lift Procedure

Sinus membrane is elevated by using a rubber balloon (antral balloon) instead of manual tools.

This technique has less chances of membrane perforation

(Can refer to Dr.Sudhakar Reddys international article: Antral Balloon Sinus Elevation and Grafting Prior to Dental Implant Placement: Review of 34 Cases.The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants 2014;29:414418)

Dr.Sudhakar Reddy, a Maxillofacial surgeon by specialization has vast experience with such a surgical procedures and can make this surgeries very simple. Direct sinus lift procedure will be of maximum 30 minutes to 45 minutes time under local anesthesia. No additional post surgical major instructions.

Dr.Sudhakar Reddy is one of the best dental surgeon in India who performs dental bone grafting procedure like sinus lift etc with ease and  one of the very few who performed at least 500 sinus lift procedures.

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Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY – Implantologist, Bangalore

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