Full Set Of Fixed Teeth in 10 days

Full Set Of Fixed Teeth in 10 days

Dental Implants are the only best and permanent solution to missing teeth and they are the medical marvel from the point of their introduction. They said to be long lasting compared to any other restorative modalities.

Full mouth restoration with regular implants has various techniques like All-on-4, All-on-6 and All-on-8 techniques etc based on peoples need and their choices.

Disadvantages of full mouth rehabilitation with (above) regular implants are:

Amount of planning – full mouth rehabilitation

Multiple surgical procedures

Requirement of bone grafting procedures

Amount of time involved (may take 6 months)

Cost of treatment for all these procedures

Recovery time which takes longer duration

Multiple appointments

Requirement of constant maintenance  and  regular check up visits to dentist 

Failure rate

Lack of full suitability in all the case scenarios

More surgical / More invasive

But full mouth fixed bridge with basal implants or permanent fixed bridge with basal implants is entirely contrast compare to regular implant scenario. These basal implants or cortical implants are advanced dental implant system (from Swiss based) which utilizes the basal (cortical) portion of the jaw bones for the retention of the dental implants.

Advantages of basal implants:

No need of bone grafting or sinus lift procedures

Single surgical phase

No cuts on gums/ no gum opening and no stitches(no sutures)

Bloodless dental implant procedure

They are less prone for infection

Less prone for bone dissolvation / bone resorption

No waiting time for implant bonding or no implant curing time

Immediate fixed teeth possibility

Can be done in any kind of severe bone loss cases / atrophic jaws/ implants in no bone cases

Minimally invasive and less traumatic

Pain-free dental implants solution

Candidate for basal implants:

Person looking for immediate teeth without waiting period

Person who lost his front teeth due to fall / accident /  loosening  by periodontal disease

Person requires full jaw or either full upper or ful lower or both) teeth replacement

Patients who are diabetic and chronic smokers who wish to get dental implants

Person who don’t wanted multiple surgeries sue to lack of sufficient bone

Procedure of permanent fixed teeth with basal implants at Dental implant studio:

After assessment of X-rays like Full mouth OPG or Cone beam CT scan etc, basal dental implants will be placed in upper and lower jaw (10 implants in upper and 8 implants in lower) in strategically located basal bone areas. If any teeth to be remove, we can put the implants immediately after the teeth removal. This procedure can take around 2-3 hours.

Angulations correction done by bending or trimming to get good path of teeth insertion and the n measurements (Impressions) will be taken. Temporary can be made before patient leaves the dental studio.

Metal trail / metal framework (CO-Cr) done and trail is made to get correct size, shape and contour of teeth to get the idea of future teeth along with jaw relations done. Right colour suites the skin tone as per patient choice is selected.

Here, we can deliver immediate acrylic (Denture kind of teeth) teeth can be delivered on 3day called Full mouth fixed teeth in 3 days o can make ceramic (Porcelain fused metal) or zirconium  bridge can be done by 5 days( full mouth fixed teeth in 5 days)  or by 10 days ( Full fixed bridge in 10days with basal implants)

This basal implants surgery requires a unique expertise with special training and with experience of handling hundreds of cases. In India, Dr.Sudhakar reddy mastered these skills and expertise who has done hundreds of full mouth restorations at Dental Implant Studio in Bangalore with highest success rate and best patient satisfaction.

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Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY – Implantologist, Bangalore

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