Importance of Dental Tourism in India

Importance of Dental Tourism in India

India is emerging as one of the promising destinations for medical tourism in the world. Thousands of people from Europe, USA, Canada and other parts of the world fly to India every year seeking medical treatment. It is reported that dental tourism constitutes 10% of Indian medical tourism which might grow to an extent of 30% by 2018. Despite the fact that tourists specify various reasons for their travel, the major pointer is the cost of dental surgery and dental implants, which is generally economical in India. Despite the recession and slump downs in the market, many foreigners still travel to India for various dental treatments.

Health care quality in India has seen a remarkable growth in recent years. Aside from the costs of dental treatment, dental tourists find India a very attractive country to travel. India is rich in culture and has some beautiful places to visit including fantastic hill stations, world-class beaches, mountains, historical monuments, forts, temples, and churches.

A combination of three key factors – accessibility, quality, and cost – has been fuelling the unparalleled growth witnessed in the Indian dental tourism industry. An English speaking population, competence, at par technology, alternative medicine, and attractive tourist destinations are some factors that are mainly responsible for India’s escalating dental tourism.

It’s no more a blown out of proportion thing as dental treatments in India is, in fact, several times cheaper when compared to the developed countries. Undeniably, foreign patients undergoing extensive dental procedures in India, which includes the travel expenses, can be considerably cheaper than the same procedures at their home country. Qualifications and Pricings of the dentists can be checked online, through their websites or by contacting the dentists. Remember that cost is not the only consideration. With sophisticated and high-end facilities available at an affordable rate and with prospects of visiting Indian attractions, India tops the chart in dental tourism for safe, secure and satisfying dental vacation to patients from all over the world.

To give you a guesstimate, in USA and UK increasing cost of dental treatments together with a long wait at clinics has made their dental treatments troublesome experience. Correction of dental flaws at some of the reputed dental hospitals abroad has now become a long-lost trend. Owing to the brainwave behind dental tourism, receiving world class dental treatment at highly slashed prices is very much possible these days in India!

Dental implant studio, Bengaluru is one of the best centers for dental tourism for abroad patients. The clinic is easily accessible with a sparklingly clean, pleasant and hygienic environment. They treat patients with the ideal blend of western technology and eastern skills. Oral & Maxillo Facial surgeon & Implantologist Dr. Sudhakar Reddy is renowned in implantology circles as surgeon, researcher, teacher and author. He practices oral & maxillofacial surgical procedures as well as the full range of Dental Implants. He has placed more than 7000 dental implants of different companies like Bio Horizon, Nobel Biocare, Osstem, Alfa Bio, Alfa Dent, Wyne Core, Hitech, Noris, MIS, Lasak, cortex, Myriad, KOS, BCS, BOI, Hybrid implants and GenXt. He has also authored various international and national publications.

Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY – Implantologist, Bangalore

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