‘Heart patients can undergo dental surgery’

DENTAL procedures, including surgeries, are safe for patients with heart conditions, says Dr. Sudhakar Reddy, the director of Dental Implant Studio in Bengaluru. The procedure itself is never the problem. Even its success rate is high. Trouble only arises if the surgeon concerned is unmindful of the drugs the patients are taking for their heart. Hear Dr Sudhakar speakContinue reading “‘Heart patients can undergo dental surgery’”

‘Tooth implant success is a function of maintenance’

Many people believe that a dental implant, a reference to a clinic-fitted tooth, comes with a lifetime guarantee. Dr. Sudhakar Reddy, the implantologist doctor at Dental Implant Studio, Bengaluru, however, says the idea can be misleading.  A new tooth that one gets at a clinic these days is as good as the original. One canContinue reading “‘Tooth implant success is a function of maintenance’”