Immediate Dental Implant: Dr. Sudhakar Reddy’s Dental Implant Studio makes the best service

Immediate Dental Implant: Dr. Sudhakar Reddy’s Dental Implant Studio makes the best service

“Smile as much as you want and do it with an open heart when you do that”

A smile can give you the confidence you’ve always wanted and at times, the best solution to most of your problems. Poor dentition and irregular defects in the smile have been raised as a reason for the lack of confidence by many. Fret not, for Dr.Sudhakar Reddy’s dental implant studio brings out the best treatments and techniques to help you with lost teeth, defective tooth line and shattered confidence.

Immediate dental implants are one of the best solutions we put forward to those patients who approach us with the problem of lost tooth getting fixed within the speck of a time. Immediate dental implants can be done for a single tooth or a whole set of the denture. Usually, the process of fixing dental implants takes many weeks’ time between the extraction of existing tooth and implanting the new teeth. But, in immediate dental implants, the existing tooth is removed without damaging the bone at the implant receptor site and the new tooth is placed simultaneously by assuring the primary stability of the implant root. The crown is placed on top of that to conclude the procedure within the same day.

Dr.Sudhakar Reddy’s dental implant studio, being the best dental implant centre in Bangalore provides you with the advantages of quick relief, single surgery with no stitches, and less painful procedure. For people who hustle to complete all the works in a very short period of time, immediate dental implant has taken care to provide them with the same comfort and easiness. We complete the procedure only after checking the quantity and density of the bone, type of gum, bite consistency etc making it more customized and professional to increase the chances of a successful end result.

Being the most trusted name in the immediate dental implant in Bangalore Dr.Sudhakar Reddy’s dental implant studio stands out to provide the best service and treatment to the patients to help them get back the confidence they had lost once and for all.

Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY – Implantologist, Bangalore

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