Dental Tourism

 Dr. Sudhakar Reddy’s Dental Implant Studio in Bengaluru, Karnataka is frequented by many patients from a multitude of foreign countries like the US, Australia, Europe, etc. It makes one wonder if tourists who visit India tend to develop dental problems when visiting our beautiful country. “On the contrary, it is people with dental problems who are coming to India for treatment,” says Dr. Sudhakar Reddy. 

This influx of foreigners visiting India to seek medical attention for dentistry-related problems is known as dental tourism. Dental tourism combines the pleasure of visiting an exotic locale with the pragmatism of healthcare. Why is India the highly sought destination for dental tourism? There are three major reasons for this according to Dr. Sudhakar Reddy.

The primary reason for booming dental tourism in India is the cost. People find dental care to be extremely unaffordable in many developed countries.  “Despite paying a premium price for insurance, many end up having to bear at least half of the cost of dental implants and other such procedures which itself ends up being almost 10 times the cost that is spent in India,” says Dr. Sudhakar Reddy.

The second point is the ease of dentist availability. When someone in India gets pain in the tooth, they just have to walk into the nearest clinic so that a dentist can look into the problem. “However, the scenario is quite different in many foreign countries. There is a long wait time, a minimum of one month before one can even get a consultation. Patients will not even get any over-the-counter pain relief medication as we get here in India,” says Dr. Sudhakar Reddy. This results in people having to endure pain and discomfort for long periods.  

The third point is the excellent quality of care that is available in India, both in terms of materials used and skill set. Dentists in India have more experience handling a wide array of cases and dare to be more experimental and innovative in their approach. The materials used are the same as those used by dentists in developed countries. This ensures that follow-up care can be availed in their home countries without the need for multiple visits to India. 

Dr. Sudhakar Reddy’s Dental Implant Studio offers online consultations even before the patients travel down to India so that they can plan their travel accordingly. “The aim of dental tourism is to provide top-class care to anyone in need, no matter their nationality. We never compromise on quality to lower the price,” says Dr. Sudhakar Reddy.

Dental tourism provides an excellent way for many lower-income families in foreign countries to access quality dental care without burning a hole in their pockets. It also provides them with an opportunity to visit a new, exotic, beautiful country like India and have a memorable vacation.

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