Beyond the Myths: Understanding the Reality of Dental Implants

One of the best ways to replace missing teeth is with dental implants. The chief implantologist at Dr. Sudhakar Reddy’s Dental Implant Studio, Dr. Sudhakar Reddy, notes that few people are aware of dental implants, which results in a lot of misinformation. Dr. Reddy tries to dispel some misconceptions about dental implants as an expert who answers countless questions and queries about them every day.

Myth 1: Receiving dental implants hurts.
Fact: The root of this myth is the widespread phobia of visiting the dentist. However, according to Dr. Reddy, getting dental implants is less painful than having a tooth extracted normally. The entire process is painless because local anesthesia is used during the procedure and painkillers are administered after the dental implant procedure.

Myth 2: Dental implants require special maintenance
Fact: Dental implants are permanent fixtures that require the same maintenance as natural teeth, as Dr. Reddy goes on to say. Dental implants require the same maintenance and cleanliness as natural teeth do. Once the implants are in place, there is no special procedure to be followed, according to Dr. Reddy. All that is required is good oral hygiene, such as brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings.

Myth 3: Dental implants are very expensive
Fact: Dental implants are designed in such a way that remain a permanent fixture in your mouth. These will incur no additional charges for the next 10-15 years when compared to other options like dentures. Dental implants may have a higher-than-average initial cost, but they eventually pay for themselves.

Myth 4: Senior citizens should not get dental implants
Fact: Age is never a barrier to receiving dental implants. In fact, dental implants have been successfully placed in people as old as 80 and 90, according to Dr. Reddy. He claims that rather than advancing age, conditions such as bone loss, uncontrolled diabetes, etc., may make getting dental implants challenging.

Myth 5: You can get dental implants in a day or a week.
Fact: According to Dr. Reddy, “the actual process of placing the crown on the implant might happen in one sitting, but the entire process might take 2-3 months.” Technology advancements have made techniques like same-day dental implants possible, where the entire procedure can be finished in a single day. All these procedures, though, necessitate numerous visits to the implantologist, from the initial consultation to the subsequent appointments.

Dental implants, in Dr. Reddy’s opinion, are a reliable, long-lasting option for anyone seeking to replace missing teeth. Improved oral health, the return of bite force and chewing ability, the prevention of bone loss, the restoration of the face’s natural shape, and an overall improvement in quality of life are just a few of its many advantages. However, there are numerous misconceptions and false information about dental implants due to a lack of knowledge and irrational internet stories. Therefore, Dr. Reddy advises that the best way to get accurate information about dental implants is to consult a dentist or implantologist.

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