Written Testimonials

Written Testimonials

Darl gervaise

I came from France and working in Bangalore, Richmond town. When I consulted other dentist about my infected and painful tooth, They did root canal, but it was a failure and broke completely. And my colleague suggested to meet Dr.Reddy at Royal dental. Doctor removed my tooth in 5 minutes and put implant. Seriously implant was far better than root canal. I had no pain and got immediate tooth by next day. Definitely recommends Dr.reddy for any dental needs.

Rinku george

Very good experience. I was scared to go to dentist earlier due to my previous bad experience at kochi. But not anymore..thanks doctor


Very good experience at Apollo white R.T.Nagar. Staff are very cordial. Doctors are well experienced. I got Nobel bio implants for my upper missing teeth by Implantologist Dr.Sudhakara Reddy. I had the fear of pain when I thought of drilling my bone and screw going into my jaw. But it went so easy and smooth that I can say it was absolutely painless and very happy with overall treatment.

Vijeta Das

Initially I was very scared, when doctor advised tooth extraction. But when I met Dr, he explained the whole process and made me very comfortable. He is very professional and took hardly 2 mins for extraction. Will definitely refer my family and friends.


Had wonderful experience with Dr. Sudhakar reddy at Apollo, HSR layout. Got implant done without any pain. Entire staff were very cordial and helpful. Special mention to Dr. Syed for giving me the right treatment


Happy to come to Apollo to get implant for my missing front tooth. Dr.Reddy was brilliant in work. Had no pain and I got my the tooth back in just an hour time. Its amazing…thanks

Chandra shekar

Truly good doctor. Explained about the procedure, patiently clarified all my doubts. Surgery was actually painless and made it possible what previous consultant said not possible.


Dr.Sudhakar is really a nice doctor with an excellent hand work and wonderful way of understanding the problem of the patient. A complete package.


Very very good doctor and skilled implantologist..just took 15 minutes for 2 implants and absolutely no pain.

Shipra biswas

Dentist with magical hands. Oh, relieved of my wisdom tooth pain. Got rid of it in just 5 minutes. Or the best doc

Raghu ram

Thanks doctor.. Am really happy with your work..no pain at all.


Very good doctors here at Apollo white, Special mention Dr. Sudhakar for doing painless implant surgery.


Am happy to get my tooth implant done from Dr.Sudhakar. Doctor is very good and genuine.

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