Hybrid Implants (Plate Form Implants) State Of Art Technology

Hybrid implant is a maxillofacial 2-5 hole titanium plate to which an abutment is joined at center or at one end.

Surgical Technique:

After giving local anesthesia, incision given over edentulous area with releasing incisions. Flap is raised on both buccal and palatal/lingual aspect.4-5 hole maxillofacial plate with abutment is a flexible and bendable plate which is bent into U- shape and placed it in such a way that the abutment should be jetting out on the alveolar ridge where the crown of desired teeth comes. Both ends of the U- shape plate comes on the cortical plates on buccal and palatal/lingual side which is fixed with 6-8 mm titanium screws. Now, flap is closed back and sutured back in such a way that only abutment will be jetting out from the gum. Impression can be made immediately and crown can be fixed during suture removal.

Osseointegration of Hybrid Implant:

Once the Implant is secured on the ridge and fixed with 6-8 mm titanium screws, Osseointegration takes place between the titanium screws and the cortical bone. As this Implant abutment is supported by not just one screw (As in case of regular implant which is like One big screw-One abutment) but by 2-5 screws on both buccal and palatal sides, Strength is more and better than the regular alveolar implants


Screws are engaged from the cortical plates that gives better stability

Support is gaining from multiple screws Screws are engaged from the cortical plates that gives better stability

Palatal cortical plate itself is thick enough to give enough strength to hold immediate tooth

Can be used in cases where bone height is very minimal of 2-3mm

Best suited cases where lack of enough width (less than 3mm) of bone

Can avoid sinus lift and other allied bone grafting procedures

Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY - Implantologist, Bangalore

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