‘Tooth implant success is a function of maintenance’

Many people believe that a dental implant, a reference to a clinic-fitted tooth, comes with a lifetime guarantee. Dr. Sudhakar Reddy, the implantologist doctor at Dental Implant Studio, Bengaluru, however, says the idea can be misleading.

 A new tooth that one gets at a clinic these days is as good as the original. One can bite, tear, chew and do just about everything with it. However, as with the original, the implanted tooth, which is usually made of ceramic, is not damage proof.

 Remember that old Hindi movie scene: unbreakable hai! 😉

Tooth loss is commonplace. Any mouth disease or accident may cause it. Fortunately, with the development of modern ceramics and the emergence of Titanium metal, dental implants companies have had some remarkable breakthroughs — producing alternate tooth that also lasts.

By one count, 450,000 dental implants are placed every year just in the US, ‘with an expectation of 95% successes. The statistics, however, is conditional.

Studies show that a patient’s health and bone quality can have an affect on the new tooth, made worse by habits such as smoking, chewing on tobacco, and poor and irregular mouth care.

Hear Dr. Sudhakar Reddy speak on it.

Maintenance is the key

A tooth is a tooth, whether original or implanted. It asks for care and maintenance. “An implant is designed to be lasting, but without upkeep, it too will fail,” says Dr Sudhakar.

“So the focus must shift from arguing for permanence to seeking longevity through proper and regular care.” He adds here:

Patients, he says, are led on by many claims in the market. Those talking mills probably find their fuel from the exchanges and warranties that the implant companies offer. Dr Sudhakar says:

“It is not an improper hint… Only that patients must also pay heed to the fine lines on maintenance…  Once in 6 months is the idea”

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