Are Dental Implants Safe For Diabetes?

Are Dental Implants Safe For Diabetes?

Tooth loss hits millions of adults and leads to unattractive smiles that are likely to affect confidence and self-esteem. Dental implants stay as a long-lasting, safe, and attractive option for patients with one or more teeth missing. They can bring back you’re lost beautiful, charming and confident smile. As dental implants are directly riveted into the bones, they provide stability and look so natural.

  • The implant- to- bone osseointegration process cannot take place properly
  • Prone to infection and gum diseases
  • Gum infections can lead to other complications
  • Can lead to bone loss

According to the latest research, people with controlled and uncontrolled diabetes have an equal possibility of successful dental implant surgical procedures. The only difference is that people of poorly controlled diabetes need more time for implant healing before the dentures are being placed. With proper discussion with the dentist, diabetic people can choose any of the dental implant procedure, which is currently popular in the dentistry field.

People with diabetes after consulting with your specialist can have dental implants, but blood glucose control may be a consideration in how the implants are managed. Of course, you should keep all of the health professionals included in your care up to date on your plans, and must follow their guidance. While better glucose management is crucial for individuals with diabetes, compromises in glucose control won’t necessarily prevent them from receiving the benefits of dental implant therapy. After all, these individuals require dietary management to help control their blood sugar, so implant therapy may help them gain better control by restoring their ability to eat better.

As implant placement is a surgical procedure, the aspects of diabetes related to healing, infection, and inflammation could harm the ultimate success of the placement. Implant surgery creates a wound in the surrounding gum tissues and bone that will need to heal.the body’s immune response in a person with diabetes can interfere with that process. And if infection sets in, the risks of implant failure increase.

Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY – Implantologist, Bangalore

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