Important facts about dental implants

Important facts about dental implants

Dental Implant as far as medical words go, those could be the least scary. Most people will need dental implants at some point in their lives. It’s a very simple, relatively safe form of surgery that gives you brand new teeth. If you are thinking of getting dental implants you must have a tonne of doubts, so here some fun facts about dental implants;

They are as strong as natural teeth – Dental implants are artificial but they don’t seem like it, they are as strong as natural teeth and will serve you just as well as the set of teeth you were born with.

They look natural – There are varieties of dental implants out there that look just as perfect as natural teeth. These kinds of dental implants make it impossible for most people to differentiate between the natural and the artificial when you wear them.

They make you look younger – It may super strange but dental implants make you look young, How? Dental implants preserve your jaw bone and it prevents your jawline from receding. This becomes the case if you don’t get dental implants at the right time, the skin around the mouth begins to wrinkle and you look older than you are. A set of dental implants perfectly placed changes all of that and makes you look a lot younger.

Predictability – Surgeries are scary, but a dental implant surgery need not be, most surgeries of the sort are predictable and it isn’t a complicated procedure to start with, so you and your family don’t have to get tensed, provided you are with the right dentist.

In conclusion, dental implants are normal, they look and feel natural and the procedure is quite simple if you or anyone you know requires dental implant surgery, reach out to us and we’ll chart out a plan for your teeth.

Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY – Implantologist, Bangalore

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