What are dental implants?

Usually a normal tooth has two parts.

1. Crown portion is the part above the gums

2. Root which is like a pillar inside the bone that holds the crown portion

When a person looses a tooth, both portions are lost. To replace that lost tooth, first we re-insert artificial root portion that is nothing but a dental implant which is a titanium screw. After root we inserted, tooth portion will be made on top of it (Fake tooth)

So, basically, “A Dental implant (Artificial tooth root) is a small titanium screw inserted into the jaw bone which acts as a natural tooth root. They provide a strong foundation for fixed permanent tooth on top of it or support a fixed teeth bridge or prosthesis”.

Parts of an implant tooth:

It has 3 portions:

1.Implant screw – titanium screw drilled into the jaw

2.Abutment – it connects the implant to cap (artificial tooth)

3.Cap – artificial tooth portion

To know about different types of dental implants, you can watch following video by Dr.Sudhakar Reddy, expert dental implant specialist in India.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaMnH9TAGVI&t=44s

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Parts of an implant tooth:

1.Closest / most similar to natural tooth

2.No need to grind the adjacent teeth for support

3.Fixed option

4.Prevent bone shrinkage and maintains it

5.Implant fixed teeth last for many years than any other replacement modality

6.Closest / most similar to natural toot

7.Stable and comfortable, as well as strong and functional

8.Less maintenance compared to other modalities

Parts of an implant tooth:


2.Time consuming ( most of cases, now can be managed with advanced implantology)

3.Require surgical/technical expertise

4.Dictated by available bone for regular dental implants

5.Success rate is 95- 98percent

Parts of an implant tooth:

Teeth replacement with dental implants is the best modality than any other replacement like following:

1.Dental Bridges:

Dental bridge typically consist of two or more specially fitted crowns that are placed by grinding adjacent teeth for support or anchoring on either side of the space formed by your missing tooth or teeth.


Cost effective than implants

Fixed option

Look, feel like natural teeth


Need to grind adjacent natural teeth

Bone loss happens below the pontic

Not long term option than implants

Expensive than removable denture

 2.Removable dentures(flipper):

They can be removable partial dentures or removable full dentures. As the name suggest, they are removable option and not a fixed ones. Dentures are usually acrylic type teeth attached to plate made by acrylic/plastic type material which matches the gum color. Sometimes it will cover even the metal framework and or sometimes they have metal hooks(Clasp) that hold the adjacent teeth for support/grip. This can be easily taken out for cleaning and also to be removed & kept in water during night.


Easy to repair


Over time, removable partial dentures may no longer fit well due to natural bone loss by the pressure from it

Could break, crack, LOSS OF one of the teeth etc

Take time for getting adjusted

May give sore spots which need to be grinded

 3.Resin bonded bridge/Maryland bridge/ Rochette bridge:

It consists of artificial tooth with two wings that are attached to the adjacent abutment teeth on the inner tooth surfaces by permanent glue.


Immediate front teeth replacement as a fixed option


Can be used only in case of front teeth/tooth.

Only esthetic

Relatively fragile and don’t withstand the chewing forces

Difficult in deep bite cases

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Dental Implant Vs Dental bridge

Dental implant vs. dental bridge:

When you have missing tooth/teeth, you have 2 options. One is implant restoration and other one is a dental bridge. Many patients doesn’t know about the differences of it so that choice making will be easy for them.

Following is the quick guide to know the difference between bridge and implant teeth.

Need to grind adjacent teethNo grinding of adjacent teeth
Food lodgment can happen below the bridgeNo food lodgment below the implant
Foul odour may occur over yearsNo foul smell any time
Need to change over short periodNo need to change for long period
Strength of adjacent teeth isreduced/compromisedover a periodStrength of adjacent teeth do not affect byimplant
Not as strong as natural teethStronger than natural teeth
Good estheticsExcellent esthetics
Takes support from adjacent teethTake support from its own titanium root

While both address fundamentally the same issue of teeth replacement as fixed option, dental implants are anytime the best option over the dental bridges.You can talk to dr sudhakar reddy, at dental implant studio about what options is right for you by weighing all of the specific considerations of your specific to make the right choice.

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DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Regular And Basal Implants:

Both types of implants are made of the same titanium only.. But basal is recent advancement to give immediate teeth without any waiting period

Following are the difference in regular implants versus basal implants:

Basal implants/ cortical implantsConventional Implants
Success rate98%95 %
Waiting period for teethImmediate teeth & No waiting periodNeed to wait for 4-6 months for implant bonding
Gum openingNo cuts/ no gums opening(Most of cases)Gum opening required
stitchesSuture less procedure(Most of cases unless cases of teeth removalGums need to be closed post surgery after gums opening done
Patient eligibilityAlmost every patient can undergoContra indicated in medically compromised patients(Not suitable for severe diabetes , chronic smokers etc)
Supporting boneThey were placed in basal bone(Highly dense, mineralised bone, less prone to boneresorption and infections)They were placed in crestal bone(bone of less quality and more prone for resorption and infections)
Additional surgical procedures (Sinus lift,Bone grafting /augmentation etc)No need of any additional surgical proceduresIf sufficient alveolar bone not there, it requiresadditional aggressive surgical procedures
Implant sizesWide range of sizes available to suit various case scenariosLimited size available
Implant designSingle piece implants (Mostly)Two piece implants joined by a small screw.
Additional componentsNo additional componentsRequire other components like abutment, implant analog,impression post, Healing cap, cover screw , multi unit components etc…
Prosthesis ( teeth set)Cement retained prosthesis andNo loosening of prosthesisMostly Screw retained prosthesis and prosthetic loosening chancesare there
Prosthesis removal /retrievalDifficult and time consuming but possibleEasy prosthesis retrieval
Manufacturing CompaniesVery less and all basal implants(mostly) are from Swiss madeMany different manufacturing companies across the globe and their componentsare company specific.. And one company cannot fit to other system.(Should look for availability of same in particular country in future need if required)
CostCost effectiveCost effective to expensive Various ranges depends on brands

Dr. sudhakar reddy, expert maxillofacial surgeon who does exclusive dental implants work at Dental implant studio, Jayanagar, Bangalore. Dr. Reddy assess particular condition and suggest what type of implants suits as per you particular need and give different plans suits your budget.

Dental implant planning for full mouth reconstruction plays major part than its execution and patients can write a mail / contact for second opinion of their dental implant planning ( write us at studiodentalimplants@gmail.com or whatsapp @ +91-9845798455

Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY – Implantologist, Bangalore

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