How Complex Teeth Extractions works

Posted On: 11-07-2020

As a child losing teeth is probably a fond memory, but the thought of having your adult teeth forcibly removed can be a frightening thought for some.

Tooth Extractions

Most dental practices offer Tooth Extraction services. As a rather invasive procedure, tooth extraction is recommended only when no other alternatives can be explored. There are a number of situations in which the surgical extraction of a tooth or teeth is to be considered.

When To get Tooth Extraction

For instance, a bad tooth infection that has totally damaged a tooth might merit a tooth extraction to prevent the bacteria from spreading to neighboring teeth. Severe inflammation of the gums and tissue surrounding a tooth also cause for the extraction.

In some cases, orthodontic procedures require tooth extractions. It is only in these circumstances, in which keeping a tooth might be more dangerous than removing a tooth, that tooth extractions are seriously considered.

But, there are several situations in which the surgical extraction of the tooth is necessary. Dr. Sudhakar Reddy, successfully completed several Teeth Extractions in Bangalore, adopts certain effective technical procedures for complex tooth extraction so that the removal is smooth, painless and precise. At the same time can able to place the dental implant (like placing back a new root) in the same place.

Mertis of Tooth Extraction

A dentist will recommend a tooth extraction in any of the following cases:

When a root canal or any minor procedure is not able to repair the damages of the tooth

For creating a healthier as well as more aesthetically pleasing smile

For correcting the spacing between the teeth to get a healthier bite

Removal of mildly infected tooth in order to prevent the infection from entering the bloodstream

If you ever come across a situation where tooth extraction looks like your best bet, make sure to research the oral surgical procedure offered by the dentist Dr.Sudhakar Reddy in Banglore, to figure out which solutions could work for you.

Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY - Implantologist, Bangalore

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