Immediate Mulitiple Teeth Replacement

Immediate Mulitiple Teeth Replacement

Missing teeth can be single tooth or multiple teeth. Usually tooth loss happens by decay can be single but teeth loss due to mobility (Replacement for mobile teeth / Treatment for shaking teeth / Replacement for shaking teeth) are usually multiple in numbers.

Replacing these mobile teeth is a challenge especially if someone wanted it to be replaced immediately or if teeth are in esthetic areas where it is important for person to get it replaced immediately. Difficulties encountered here can be lack of bone due to infection / lack of alveolar bone due to resorption (Bone dissolvation).

Earlier, dentists used to remove those teeth and wait for couple of months and later implants wills be done and if required, bone grafting also to be done. As the technology changed, more advancements came, technology allowed us to perform immediate implants and also teeth immediately.

Dr.Sudhakar Reddy one of the pioneer in such techniques, at the Dental implant studio, Jayanagar, Bangalore,( ) India conducts a careful and detailed examination before going in for teeth in one visit. Stunningly aesthetic teeth can placed in just one visit using the latest technological innovations in dentistry. Dr. Reddy can give single sitting teeth with basal implants in cases where infected tooth/ severely mobile teeth and Situations where no bone to place regular implants also.

As an initial examination- A 3D CT scan is obtained for accurate planning, evaluation of teeth roots, sinus, infection and presence of cyst or granulation etc. limiting the chances of a misdiagnosis.

Bone dimensions and bone density are assessed for proper placement of the implant.

Individual implant designs are selected.

Multiple implants placed after administration of local anesthesia.

A permanent ceramic bridge or zirconium bridge over those implants also placed promptly.

Advantages of immediate loading basal implants

Traditional implants require long healing periods and waiting spans. With immediate load implants, the patient gets permanent placement of teeth with ceramic instantly. It saves on valuable waiting times and saves heavily on costs. Because the implants are flapless, changes in bone levels are eliminated and there is no disturbance to the blood supply to the bone. Surgical time is extremely limited and there is no postoperative discomfort or bleeding. There is virtually no risk of infection and rejection.

The procedure easily fits into the constraints of a patient’s budget and time frame. The procedure is virtually painless and comfortable. Basal implants are also available for patients who are smokers and suffer from diabetes (Dental implant fixed teeth in diabetes patients and smokers) Can watch :

Authored By DR. SUDHAKAR REDDY – Implantologist, Bangalore

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